Surgeons or Lords?



In the world of surgery, surgeons are the Lords of the OR, if you will. They rule over the rest of the crew as if they are but mere peasants lining the streets of some kingdom in which they rule. Surgeons are a unique assortment of human beings. They are very well respected, very intelligent, and “sometimes” very talented. Don’t get me wrong, they deserve the respect that they get and it is well earned.  I, along will millions of others, are very thankful for surgeons and EVERYTHING they do, but as an assistant that works beside them everyday I think that I have to get something off of my chest,  surgeons can be a ROYAL pain in the Ass sometimes.  There. I said it. Their “higher-than-thou” attitude can be super irritating. I find my self wondering often, is it absolutely necessary for some of them to act the way they do? They get pissed at some of the simplest things imaginable. For instance, if their case is delayed by 5 minutes, yes 5 minutes,  they act like their world is going to come crashing down. So what, it’s 5 minutes, get over it. Having a shitty attitude is not going to reverse the clock by 5 minutes dude.  As their career lengthens their attitude lengthens also and their list of demands only grows longer. So if the surgeon has a little seniority under his/her belt, watch out! You better cross your t’s and dot your i’s or he/she is going to march right to the control desk (place where the charge nurse resides) or the head of commands of office and demand to know exactly why you didn’t wipe their ass with Charmin Ultra instead of Angel Soft. No joke.

On a brighter note,  thankfully all surgeons are not consumed by the power of their title and talented capabilities. These surgeons are the ones that make working in the field of surgery pleasant. They make the job worth it! When you are ever so lucky to get to work will a surgeon that really knows his shit, is good at his job, and has a cheerful attitude, you my friend are a lucky soul. Count  your blessings. There is no greater feeling than being able to work beside an amazing surgeon while helping save someone’s life or making someone’s life better. Those are the moments, the days that make working in the OR totally 100% worth it. I for one am extremely thankful for these type of surgeons and I often wish that all surgeons were of this nature and not of the LORD type. Wishful thinking, I know.


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