Photography, Little Girls , & Equestrians

lara2017.jpgPhotography, little girls, and equestrians. Could this image get any better? In my opinion I can not imagine how it could.

The little girl you see in this picture is my daughter, Lara. This photograph was taken during a session that took place the week that she turned six years old. As many children do, Lara talked about turning six years old a lot. What seemed to me like ever since the very day after she turned five!

So you may being wondering  why this is so significant that I decided to make it my very first blog post? It may be hard for some to understand but she was so excited about turning six, more excited than I think I have ever seen her about anything. The journey from five years old to six has become one of the best periods of time in my life so far. She would rattle off a million different things every single day about what she was going to be able to do or get. She would tell me about all the adventures she was going to partake in because she was going to be a big girl, she was going to be six! No one told her that six meant she was going to be a  big girl or that it meant she was going to be able to do, see, think, or understand so much more. She just simply believed and knew in her little heart that turning six years old was going to be life changing for her.

Lara Lynn’s six birthday was January 24 . She is now 6 years old and enjoying every minute of it ! Everyday she grows more beautiful and intelligent. She has such a huge heart and such a huge imagination. If only her innocence was everlasting.  I am very proud to be her mother and there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not thankful that she is my child. She brings joy to my life and everyone that she comes in contact with.

The ever so short lived innocence of a child is immeasurably beautiful in ever single way. Their big imaginations and creativity is what makes their presence so desirable. With children around, there is never a dull moment. Every second is entertainment. Children make life worth living.

Side Note: The pony in this image is Ginger (named by Lara herself). She is a 10 year old grey dapple that is full of life and thankful for another chance that we gave her. She was recently rescued from a Kill-Pen in Texas for Lara’s Christmas present. She is now the light of Lara’s life and Lara enjoys every minute that she gets to spend with Ginger. The bond between the two is unbreakable.

I hope that you enjoyed this photo and little bit of insight to our crazy little country way of life.


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